Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17, 2008 - Ah Spring


Spring has sprung in Madison. And it seems so much more glorious after the long harsh winter we went through this year. The flowering trees are booming with blossoms, more abundant than I can ever remember.

With Spring comes the Farmer's Markets. The most well known is on the capitol square. Here are some pics I took this morning while picking up my breakfast, pumpkin and almond scones. Bakery booths are all too abundant and it's hard not to stop at every one to check out the fare. And Morel mushrooms. Luckily good friends brought some to me from my home state of Indiana so I didn't have to pay the $35 a pound price this year. Thanks Katie and Dave! And the flowers! It was a perfect morning.

Enjoy the pics. If you look back a few months you can compare this mornings photo of my block to the one in the depths of winter. It's a good reminder.

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katie said...

Great photos, Mark! And, although it was painful, I DID go back to look at the winter photos to compare.

Last night, we cooked up the morels we found in our back yard and the surrounding woods. YUM! Glad you enjoyed the Indiana ones.

Love, Katie