Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25, 2009 - A long week

Last weekend I had a great show in St. Paul and was able to catch up with friends. In fact I experienced not one but two bar-b-ques, the first two of the season. As it was the warmest weekend of the spring so far, the residents of the twin cities just couldn't wait to break out the barbee and chug a few brewskies.

The show was a success but unfortunately I picked up a bad cold. Sigh. It was not a fun drive back. Although I kept myself entertained with a Harry Potter audio book, the symptoms of a cold and the rainy weather made the drive quite a trial. I regretted making the trek right after the show, arriving home about midnight and quite exhausted. But with a freelance deadline due the next day and the need to get the rental van back on time I just couldn't put off getting back.

And speaking of the lovely van, I had wanted a regular size cargo van but ended up with a 12 ft. high behemoth much larger than I needed. And finding a parking space in the middle of St. Paul was, suffice to say, a challenge. But it all worked out. In fact I have to thank my friend Mike for offering taxi service to and from the show. Next time, a small normal size van will be procured.

And what is the next show? I'll be at the Lakefront Festival of the Arts in Milwaukee on June 19-21 in front of the Milwaukee Art Museum. More on this show to come.

Friday night I made a trip into Milwaukee to see the musical "Hair" at the UWM campus with a stop in Cedarburg for a dinner with a good friend. If you're ever in the neighborhood I highly recommend the Anvil Pub & Grille at the Cedar Creek Settlement Shops. The building is a restored 19th century blacksmith shop and the food is excellent. Go in warm weather and dine outside next to Cedar Creek.

The performance of "Hair" was great. I had never seen the musical live. My reason for going in the first place was to support my goddaughter Eva, the production's most capable stage manager. It seems "Hair" is making a comeback. And why not, our country is at war and many of the sentiments brought about by the events of the late sixties are being revisited. But it's a very different time and we seem to be dealing with the current events is a very different way.

It's a very rainy weekend but it's good for the budding trees and flowers. Spring is just beginning to bloom on my street. And around here, it all happens quite fast. So tomorrow it's back to making lamps. Have a good week. m

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