Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009 - Monday Monday

I like Mondays. Usually things go quite well for me. Mondays usually go well for me because I'm oh so relaxed from the weekend. Monday comes, I'm ready to get something done. Monday is usually my most efficient day. Things click. I have a plan and it moves along smoothly. It's Tuesdays I have to watch out for. But not today. Today was bad Monday. Bad.

First of all I looked forward to going out with friends for a late coffee around 10:00. First email of the day "child sick, can't go." The day begins. I pay bills. Nothing great about that. I finish some lamp bases. This goes surprisingly well. I run errands, one of which is to buy some ink for my printer which has surprisingly run out after only a few color prints. It seems odd. I buy two sets of ink cartridges. It's good to be prepared. I get back and put the cartridges in. And so begins a 5 hour technological mine field. It says it's still out of ink. It won't budge.

I do everything. I do the diagnostics that tell you extremely little. At one point I "reset the printer." Why not? Not good. Now the computer sees the printer but it can't communicate with it. About 3:00 I decide the printer is dead. I must buy a new one because I have needs over the next few weeks. I search for a printer a friend just bought. She did the research and I trust her. It's that or spend hours looking for a printer that you won't know will work until you get it home. So I find the printer. I find the best deal. I find the quickest method and the cheapest shipping. It's on it's way.

But I can't stop futzing. Miracle of miracles I get the computer talking to the printer. It's out of ink. Surprise. Then I think, what if it's the cartridge? What if it's a bum cartridge? And what the heck, I just spent $54 on new cartridges that I won't be able to use with a broken printer. I change one of the cartridges.

It works. It works! I don't believe it.

OMG I just bought an very expensive new printer. I call. It's too late. It's already shipped. Best advice, I can deny delivery. Or should I keep it?

After that, I went for a long walk. Felt better. I start watching this show "I'm a celebrity. Get me off this Island!" or something like that. It's like putting a cage full of angry rats on your head. But it's such a train wreck you have to watch and worse, there are reruns on every one of the big 6 channels I get via my rabbit ears digital black box. So that was Monday. Tuesdays are usually the worst day of the week for me. Wish me luck.

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