Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2, 2009 - It's been too long

Sorry. Got so caught up my happenings to get a new post out. That implies that something big was happening and it wasn't. After the Lakefront Festival I was just tuckered out and needed to get a lot of little stuff done. If you did visit the festival thank you, and thanks to all my customers and their kind comments, even if they didn't purchase a lamp it's always good to get feedback. The sales were good considering the tight grip folks had on their wallets.

I came home to summer. Then a week later it feels like fall. We were in the 90's the week after I got home. Not the kind of weather anyone really likes. But Sunday was wonderful. I got up early and took a bike ride through the city. Stopping at some of my favorite spots to finish a book for my fast approaching book club— "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society." First the Terrace on the UW Campus. The weather had cooled off a lot and it was very blustery. Not fun for biking but great for sailing. I sat under a huge oak tree, read my book and watched dozens of sailboats out on the lake. Contentment.

After reading the afore mentioned book, my club discovered that you can win a trip to Guernsey Island which is off the coast of England. We've decided we're going to win. The winner can invite 5 guests to join them. As it happens our book club has 6 people. So it's clear we are meant to win. We've all marked it off on our calendars and I've renewed my passport. It's only a 4 day trip, two of which will be traveling so it's nothing extravagant. So I'll be traveling in October.

And I recommend the book. Basically it's about a group of people who survived the German occupation of the island during WWII. I was not familiar with the Channel Islands or the fact that they were occupied. The story is told in letters from one character to another just after the war. The Literary Society was formed as a means of escape from the harsh conditions. The members, some of whom had never read for pleasure, came to love books and supported each other in a number of ways. The characters are quite a mix, from eccentric to heroic, I have no doubt this will become a beloved BBC series some day, and I look forward to it. Yep, you get your happy ending with this one.

On a completely different note, I'm a graphic designer (always looking for work by the way), and I found this YouTube film which uses type as characters. It's called TXT Island. Check it out.

And if anyone likes to play games, here's one that stumped me. It's called Circle the Cat. Don't waste the day on it. m

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