Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009 - Washington Island

Schoolhouse Beach

Washington Island has become one of my favorite spots. From the wonderful ferry ride to the rustic cabin, Schoolhouse beach to Fisk's fish fry, it is a joy to visit, even briefly. This year I went up for a weekend with my good friend Carol. I met Carol through another friend years ago but I realized that we have never spent a lot of time alone together as we are usually in the company of our mutual friends. It was fun to get to know each other better. The long drive gave a great opportunity to just talk, a rare event these busy days.

We really got lucky with the weather. Although indications were that we would have some off and on rain, we really didn't experience any beyond seeing evidence that it had passed earlier. Some wet pavement and sand. We also saw many dark clouds threatening the peninsula across the bay. I think they got it more than we did. And it was warm with the sun making itself known throughout the weekend. This made the ferry ride over and back that much more enjoyable. There's nothing like the anticipation of slowly moving toward the island and seeing the great vistas of water and islands along the way.

We're so lucky to have found an affordable and yet rather luxurious cabin to rent. It's solitude and views of the water and water foul make it very special. And it has a better than average kitchen which makes meal prep a joy. Not to mention the fireplace, both in the house and down on the rocky beach. We biked at least 1/2 the island stopping for the dunes, a great coffee house, and soft serve and a cheezburger. In the evening there was a great meal with games and lots of talking in front of a roaring fire. It all ended too fast but I felt very relaxed and satisfied to have gotten away even for such a short time. The quality of the environment can make even a short visit rejuvenating. And I needed it. It's been a long year and I'm grateful that I have good friends and such a great place to escape to. m

The wonderful fireplace with Carol making dinner in the background.

Carol watching the water foul on the beach in front of the cabin.

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