Thursday, December 31, 2009

January 1, 2010 - A blue moon at midnight

How do you break a year down? There are 365 days. Do you remember each one? A very rare few probably do (I saw one on Oprah). But on the whole you only remember some days. Special days. Tragic days. Days of big decisions or big changes. Big news days. Celebrations.

In some ways I'm sad about what I'm seeing. In a world of constant connections I wonder if people really do connect, really know each other, really care to. When I was young I thought people who don't like change were old fogies—those people who couldn't see the bright new future that was coming. Why can't they just get out of the way? And yet only age can give you perspective. You compare the way the world was and the way it is now. The common phrase "it was so simple then" comes to mind. It wasn't ever simple but things do change. They do get more complex. It seems to be our nature, to add more and more to our lives and be proud that we can handle it all, "multi-task." Kids seem to grow up faster, deal with more drama. Technology evolves and changes our lives, for good and bad. Nature seems to take a back seat, be put aside, and yet everyone rallies around the green flag and pretends to have altruistic motives. But a lot of kids aren't going outside and experiencing the natural world. They're sitting in front of a monitor or looking at the screen on a "smart phone." I can guarantee they, the kids, don't see it this way. What will they see when they're fifty? Will it all seem as innocent, as harmless?

Last night I did something different for New Year's Eve. Late in the evening, before midnight, I went for a cold winter's eve walk. It felt right. True. It was seven degrees, no wind, calm. The full moon called me out. I saw it through the window. Bright in a clear dark indigo sky. A blue moon—this was the second full moon in the month. A rare spectacle for a special night. How appropriate. The warm glow of Christmas lights brighten my way. The snow and ice crunch under my steps. Everyone's up. Celebrating in their own ways.

So what's ahead? Will it be a good year, a better year? Will hardships lighten? I know we'll see things we never expected. There'll be lots of the same but it will all be new. Fresh—at least we can make it fresh. We're all moving forward, together. We hope for the best and once in a while the best will come to us. Grab it when you can.

I truly wish you all the best in the new year. Take a chance this year. Move forward. Get rid of the clutter. Pay attention to what's really important in your life. Stop sleepwalking. Wake up. Do something you've always wanted to do. Share it with someone.

Love. Peace. Truth. Powerful words that need action to make them real. m

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