Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February 20, 2008 - A quick studio tour

-14 degrees below zero tonight! One more degree lower and we break yet another record. These are records I have no desire to achieve. And you can't forget the total lunar eclipse tonight. The moon won't be completely blacked out but will have a red/orange color. It will reach it's peak around 9:01 pm CST.

Thought I'd give a short tour of my basement studio in my Madison bungalow. It's a very long room and 10 feet wide by almost 40 feet long. Actually the space is great for my one man shop. The top photo is my desk and display area. Once a year I open my studio for the Madison Open Studio Tour. Around 200 artists open their studios to the public. I try to display as many lamps as I have on hand.

The bottom photo is the opposite end of the room where I have my work table and parts storage. I also have an enclosed back porch which I use for my small wood shop. 

Stay warm. m.

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