Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1, 2009 - Prepping for the Yard Sale

Thought you might like a preview of my fabulous yard sale next Saturday, August 8th.

My antique billiard ball collection. Wow. Can't believe this is going.

One of two fabulous Harry Potter games. Can you believe it.

A hand carved wooden lady. A rare find.

My one and only Tickle Bee game. A game of immense skill and daring.

A remote control rat. Great in the office. Scare your coworkers. The eyes light up red.

There's much much more. Art books. Audio books. Tools. Lamps. Exercise equipment. Music CDs. Fluorescent light fixtures. Art. Portable whirlpool bath gadget.Humidifier. Ceramics. Rugs. Stuff and more stuff. Have a great week. m

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