Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 30, 2009 - Cool lamps

Sorry for my infrequent posts but things have been quite busy. But it's Sunday morning and I have finally found some time to get around to a posting. I'll have more of my favorite home designs in the future. As I said, a perfect home may not exist and until you live in a place for awhile, perhaps many years, you just won't really know. So the homes I show are simply my idea of what looks to be a great place to live. But I've also found that if I actually get to visit one of these homes I may have a completely different view of them. Pictures just can't capture a true sense of the place.

I have become a bit of a fan of 20th Century homes and furnishings. It could be because these homes were the hot style, or at least I think they were, when I was growing up. Now and then I pick up the magazine Modernism. Throughout the magazine there are ads for cool lamps and furnishings. The lamps I'm featuring here grabbed my attention. Now granted, I don't know that I would actually buy one of these lamps and I can assure you they cost a fortune but they are beautiful objects, at least to me. The lamps are from Terry Tynan. Take a look. No prices are listed. If anyone knows what one of these beauties cost let me know. Have a great week. m