Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009 - Inauguration Day

On a very cold January morning I'm sitting at home watching history happen. The only thing that would make it more special would be to have special friends and family sitting beside me. I take it back, it would be more special to be with friends and family in Washington D. C. But tonight I'm going to a small party to celebrate and I look forward to it. I have an immense feeling of optimism about our country, a feeling the like of which I don't know that I've ever felt. 

As the day goes on I'll add to this post and create a short diary of the days events. For now it's 8:15 Central time and I'm watching shots of the immense crowds that are slowly filling every nook and cranny of the Washington Mall. What's special is when you can see the happy faces of families, friends, students, every color, every age and profession. This is what America is and I hope this feeling of unity sticks around for awhile. But that's up to us.

2:27 pm CST: And so we have a new president. God Bless America. I remember when Bush was elected I couldn't watch the coverage of either of his inaugurations. I simply had no interest. I know there are people who will feel the same way about Obama but I think most people in this country have very positive expectations of this president. With this inauguration I want to see it all, I want to know what's going through the new president's mind, is he enjoying this or is the weight of the government and all it's problems weighing heavy on his shoulders. I also never looked on a first lady with such optimism. Seeing them together makes me feel even better, knowing he has her support, and the support of his whole family, makes me feel happy. As far as the ceremony goes, his speech was a bit subdued. Expectations were very very high and I'm not sure he met them but it was strong none the less. I loved the poem by Elizabeth Alexander and the benediction by Reverend Lowery. The parades have begun. I have to admit I find parades boring so it's a good time to get some work done. But I'll keep the TV on. m

9:40 pm CST: What a wonderful day. I just got home from an evening with friends and we watched the inauguration together, most of them had not seen any of the coverage all day. We raised a glass as he finished the oath and toasted to a new generation of hope. I really listened to his speech this time and I was impressed. I'm amazed how the press started chipping away at it and convincing me that it wasn't the speech he had the capability of giving. But it was an excellent speech. I think the expectations are so high. The press want to get the one big line from the speech that will cement it's place in history. But I think this is a new kind of president, one who isn't looking to say the perfect thing and do it like it's been done before. I'm so glad I got to watch and participate in this historic day. Tears came to my eyes many times watching the reactions in the crowd and listening to the inspiring words. So let's keep this optimism going. Do what you can to make this country shine again and be a true leader in the world. Best to you all. m

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