Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25, 2009 - An Election That Went Wrong

No, not the most recent one. But since that one is still somewhat fresh in your mind maybe it's worth watching a movie about an election that went very wrong. "Recount" is an HBO movie about the infamous election of 2000, when George Bush won and Al Gore lost. At least that's the way it ended up. I never knew the whole story.

I was unaware that a movie had been made about the voting fiasco down in Florida until I saw Laura Dern win a Golden Globe for playing the infamous Katherine Harris, a woman at the center of the debacle. So last week I rented it and found it fascinating. It turns out the events were extremely well documented so it's a very accurate representation of what happened. I did know that there was a showdown between the Democrats and the Republicans with some of the smartest lawyers in the country. Basically a showdown in the sunshine state. The games that were played are rather astounding. And again, one has to wonder if circumstances had been slightly different, who would have ended up being president and where would we be today. At the same time it's also a set-up for how Barack Obama ended up being our president today. Yes, the Republicans got their boy in but I'm wondering if there's a few out there that regret it. Check out the movie, watch all the extras and listen to the commentary. It's all worth it. 

Otherwise the winter goes on. We had another shot of super cold weather this weekend but the sun has consistently come out and no snow. This weekend I started painting my living room after 10 years of living here. I painted the largest wall a deep red and am now considering colors for the other walls. I also rearranged the furniture so everything looks fresh. It's been great way to add some excitement to a long cold January. And just in time because next weekend I'm having a potluck with some of my best friends. I hope to get a big pot of Chili going with some Jalepeno cornbread. Have a great week everybody. m

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